Friday, October 30, 2009

Taxonomy Services, Managed Metadata, and Managed keywords

SharePoint 2010 comes with a new services that provides the functionality to tag content types with metadata and keywords. I will be posting more information about how to manage taxonomies within SharePoint 2010 in upcoming posts, for now, i will explain some keywords that we will see a lot in SharePoint 2010.

Taxonomy is a hierarchal tree of Values
Term Store is a DB containing different taxonomies
Term Set is a section in the term store that contains individual terms.
Term is a node in the taxonomy tree with an ID and many text labels
Tagging is the act of linking an item to a node or multiple nodes in the taxonomy tree.
Groups are security boundaries within the term store and above the term set.
Keywords are the actual links (reference) to a node in the taxonomy tree.
Managed Metadata Column is a new column type that can be added to content types
Managed Keyword Column is a new column type that can be added to any content type

At this point, i'm not sure what is the difference between the Managed keywords, and Managed Metadata.

These can be managed in SharePoint 2010 using the Term Management Tool. You will find this in Central Administration --> Manage Service Applications. The tool will allow administrators to publish, Terms, Term Sets, and importing them.

It is possible to tag documents within a desktop Rich Client such as MS Office Word.


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