Monday, March 23, 2009

Telerik Editor Vs. TinyMCE with SharePoint

Hi Everyone,

Today i managed to implement TinyMCE Editor with MOSS2007 using the instructions in these articles:

and found out some pros and cons between them and would like to share them.

Pros for using the Telerik editor are:
Telerik integrates well with the SharePoint for finding files within the SP lists.

Cons for using Telerik:
You need to activate the telerik feature per web in order for it to appear which might be a long process if you have a large number of already provisioned webs.

Pros for using TinyMCE:
Open Source, and easier to configure

Cons for using TinyMCE:
It is harder to integrate with SP file system. MCFileManager is needed to intgrate it with SP lists.

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  1. There is a native CKEditor solution for it now - CKEditor for SharePoint: